The Importance of Safety in the Shop

Whether you run a shop machining plumbing parts or a turbine repair service (millwright), safety is one of the most important factors to consider each day. It is not only a big part of risk management, but helps to control many of your operating expenses too. Here are some important things each shop needs for maximum safety.

It Starts at the Top

If the shop owner appoints one person or a committee to oversee safety, the main decisions are still with the owner. This is where every effective safety program begins. The business owner, management and everyone else in the company must share accountability, and it all comes from the top of the turbine repair service.


You can never guess what to do when it comes to safety. Everything must be clearly written down, agreed to, and there need to be constant reminders about safety precautions. Here are some good examples of effective safety communications:

  • Posters in the break room and in the workplace
  • Appointing safety committees to make sure guards are properly marked
  • Regular safety meetings for everyone


It is important to have the proper training for every new employee. They must know they are accountable for their actions and everyone is involved in the turbine repair service safety program.

The Benefits of an Effective Safety Program

One of the most important benefits of a safe workplace is fewer on the job accidents and injuries. Many job-related accidents are caused by employees not knowing the proper procedures for dealing with unsafe conditions. When you have fewer injuries, employees miss less time from work, so you improve absenteeism.

Fewer injuries can give you lower worker compensation rates. This is an important consideration for companies concerned about rising insurance rates. When you add up all the benefits, you cannot afford to be without the best possible safety program.

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