The Laundry Cart for Customer Service

There is nothing more welcome to see at the laundry mat, either inside or outside, than a quality laundry cart to unload the bag of dirty jeans, shirts, pants and undergarments into. It may seem like a small thing to have at a laundromat, but for the weary housewife or the man who has been working out in the oil field all week and is living on the well pad, this is a definite positive. Either one of these individuals loves to be able to grab a cart and wheel their load in rather than lug it in over their shoulder or drag a garbage bag across the floor.

Features of the Laundry Cart

The features of the laundry cart are basically three main items. The wheels are essential because that is what makes a heavy load light. The high frame over the basket provides a handle to direct the cart where it should go and also provides a place to hang the shirts, pants and skirts as well. If clothes are going to be piled high in the basket area, those side braces will also hold the clothes in so they do not fall over the side. Nobody likes to get home and have all the shirts, jeans and pants full of wrinkles. The laundry cart provides a place to hang the clothes so they stay wrinkle free after the laundry experience.


The laundry cart assembles easily with no screws or adhesives that make for a messy and long assembly. The side poles are collapsible to make for easy shipping and assembly. All the pieces in the basket simply snap together.

Usually, it does not matter the style, only that the cart has utility for the customer. Every laundromat needs at least two carts so they are always sold in pairs. From time to time, the laundry cart does take on a mind of its own and decides to go in the opposite direction than where the user wants to go. Don’t worry; it has a rubber bumper all the way around to protect your machines if it does run away and collide.

Carts in Multiple Situations

Laundry carts are not always used just for customer services purposes. In a hotel when the staff is responsibility for all the laundry, the laundry cart will ease those long days by helping to wheel wet and dry linens to and from the laundry room.

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