The Leading Company for Enhancing the Beauty of Homes and Other Structures

Royal Crowne is a family-owned company that strives to make each customer feel like family while bringing a little extra beauty to their home, garage, or other structures. With over 35 years of experience assisting clients in bringing beauty to any rooftop. The quality outdoor accents enhance the look of any home. Royal Crowne exceeds expectations when it comes to finding the best products to enhance the customer’s home, and their products range from cupolas weathervanes, lantern posts to mailbox posts.

Royal Crowne prides itself on creating the elegant touches of a cupola to any home, garage, shed, or other structure. These additions are made from the highest quality maintenance-free vinyl, cedar, pine, and copper. This ensures the product is durable and will remain pleasing to the eye for years to come. With more than 10 options for cupolas, customers are guaranteed to find exactly what they are looking for.

Weathervanes offer a unique touch on top of a cupola or structure. Cupolas weathervanes are made of either copper or aluminum to make sure it lasts in any weather conditions it is put through.

If the customer is worried about what these structures may look like before they have made up their minds and purchased the structure, they can get a sneak peek with Royal Crowne’s RoyalVision 3D Viewer. This allows the customer to visualize what their cupola could look like before finalizing their decision to purchase.

There is no reason not to choose Royal Crowne when it comes to beautifying a home. For more information and installation tips and guides, visit

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