The Many Benefits of Waxing in New Canaan CT

People are always looking for the best way to remove unwanted body hair. waxing in New Canaan CT has become one of the most popular hair removal treatments on the market. No matter where you want to remove hair, there are many reasons to consider waxing.

Longer Results

When you remove hair, you want it to stay gone. Of course, hair grows back, so it’s only a matter of time before you start to see stubble. Waxing in New Canaan CT, however, lasts much longer than shaving with a razor or using depilatory creams.

Waxing pulls out the entire hair, including the root. The results last for about 4-6 weeks before the hair returns. Shaving, on the other hand, cuts the hair flush with the skin. It only takes a few days before shaving must be repeated.

New Growth Is Less Noticeable

One of the perks of waxing is that once the new hair grows in, it’s usually not as noticeable as with shaving. Since the end of the hair isn’t blunt, it comes in smoother. This also creates the illusion of lighter hair. There’s no worry of a five o’clock shadow with waxing.

Over time, some people may even see a reduction in the amount of hair they have. Since waxing pulls hair from the root, some of the hair follicles may become permanently damaged. While this sounds bad, it’s a good thing. If the follicle is damaged, hair will no longer grow out of it.

Good for Sensitive Skin

Most people can tolerate waxing, even those with sensitive skin. If a person reacts to the wax, it’s usually only temporary. If a true allergic reaction occurs, they may have success with another type of wax.

Shaving with a razor, on the other hand, can lead to painful cuts and nicks. Ingrown hairs are also very common. In some instances, razor burn may leave behind an itchy rash. All of these problems can be avoided with waxing.

Waxing can be used to remove hair on any part of the body, even the most sensitive areas. If you’re looking for a long-lasting form of hair removal, it may be time to try out waxing. Contact us to book an appointment with a hair removal expert.

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