The Many Uses of Carbon Steel Tubing

Steel is one of the strongest metals that is often used in industry. When you combine this powerful metal with the added strength of carbon, you get a metal that can withstand just about anything. Carbon steel tubing has a variety of uses across many industries. Understanding what those uses are will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this powerful metal.

Oil, Gas and Boilers

In the oil and gas industry, carbon steel is a common material used in the piping, particularly when it comes to boilers. This is because it can withstand a large amount of stress without breaking or wearing down. Because of the high pressure under which oil and gas is transported from one place to another, it is important to make sure there is little risk of leaking or an explosion as a result of the leak.

Seamless Tubing

There are many industries that can benefit from the use of seamless Carbon Steel Tubing. When this tubing is constructed, it is constructed in one long piece so there are no disruptions to the flow of whatever is sent through the tubes. The entire surface is completely smooth. Some of the industries in which this type of tubing is used includes manufacturing, farming, construction, drilling and transportation.

Low Pressure Situations

Some situations only require the flow of liquids or gases at low pressures. For instance, fuel lines and other aspects of car operation send fluids through the system without putting a lot of stress on the tubes. In these situations, a single-wall carbon steel tube is all that is required.

High Pressure Situations

There are other situations where the pressure at which the liquid or gas flows through the tube is quite high. In these situations, it is important to choose a double-wall tube to ensure the pressure can be handled appropriately without causing damage to the tube.

There are many ways in which carbon steel tubing is used in a variety of industries for many purposes. Understanding the various uses of this type of tubing, as well as the benefits of using it over other types of tubing, will allow you to make the best possible choices for your industry. Carbon steel is extremely durable and strong, making it the perfect choice to prevent problems and avoid having to replace your systems on a regular basis as you would with tubing made from some of the other metals.

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