The Most Common Problems With Commercial Roofing in Plymouth MA

The roofing system of your commercial building is responsible for protecting the interior of the business as well as keeping your employees and customers safe and comfortable. It is common for business owners to overlook the maintenance of the roof, but it is important to have the roof inspected on a routine basis to ensure it is in good condition. Detecting problems early with Commercial Roofing in Plymouth MA is the best way to prevent extensive and expensive damages.

If you notice any of the following problems with the roof of your building, it is important to contact a professional commercial roofing company as soon as possible. Commercial Roofing in Plymouth MA is typically flat, so it is more susceptible to water puddling. When a roof isn’t sloped correctly or if the drains and/or gutters are blocked, the water will begin to puddle, which can result in leaking and serious damage to the structure of the building as well as the interior.

A commercial roofing company can typically install a tapering system that will provide the slope the roof needs to drain correctly. A commercial roof typically has panels as opposed to shingles like what is found on residential roofs. The roofing panels can begin to buckle over time or during a bad storm, and buckled panels are one of the most common problems with commercial roofs. If you notice buckling panels, you should contact a local commercial roofer as soon as possible to prevent further damage. It is common for blistering to occur on a commercial roof; however, if they are large blisters there is a risk of them bursting, which can pose a risk of water seeping under the roofing materials. When the weather is extremely hot and humid, it can cause more blistering, so it is best to have a commercial roofer inspect the roof during hot and humid weather to make sure there isn’t a risk of future damage. Click here for more information.

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