The Need for a Funeral Home Negligence Attorney in Weston, FL

A daughter is in town visiting the grave of her dearly departed father who was buried three years earlier in a cemetery in Florida. To her horror, when she gets there, she discovers her father’s remains have been removed elsewhere, and the cemetery director has no idea where the remains are. She is emotionally distraught, understandably, but she has the recourse to file a negligence lawsuit against the funeral home or the cemetery. A Funeral Home Negligence Attorney in Weston FL has fought these kinds of cases and will help clients with those problems.

Funeral Home Negligence Situations

In the case of the daughter, her father’s remains are not where they were supposed to be, and to make matters worse, there is no information on where they are. It has been three years since she came to town to visit her father’s grave, but she must realize she has to act quickly on the matter. In Florida, there is a statute of limitations of four years to pursue a civil matter such as funeral home neglect or cemetery neglect. She must get her case filed before the time expires.

Searching for a Funeral Home Negligence Lawyer

When looking for a lawyer or law firm to represent them in a funeral home negligence lawsuit, family members should stick with attorneys and law firms who have had previous experience and success with litigating such cases. They may even want to check with past clients who have had similar issues and see if they experienced problems with a particular attorney or law firm. They will likely be able to sue for emotional distress, which is abuse, as well as for negligence.

An Attorney for Funeral Home Neglect

It will not be too difficult for a family to find a lawyer or a law firm who takes cases such as funeral home negligence lawsuits, and similar cases. The Blaut and Weiss Law Group has been providing legal solutions for clients with funeral home negligence and cemetery abuse lawsuits. If an individual or family member wants to consult with a funeral home negligence Attorney in Weston FL, the law firm is available. The members at the firm invite interested parties to “Browse Our Website for more information.”

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