The Need for Grease Trap Cleaning

Choosing to run a restaurant in the UAE is a lucrative business because of the level of trade and traffic that moves through the area. No matter what type of food your restaurant offers, there will be some level of grease present on the dishes you use, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. This is why you need to install a grease trap in your sink to keep the drains and pipes from clogging and to protect the environment. When you use a grease trap, you will also need grease trap cleaning.

How It Works

A grease trap is installed in the drain of your sink, particularly a kitchen sink where it will be exposed to higher amounts of grease. When the water flows down the drain, the grease becomes caught in the trap, reducing the amount of grease and oil that makes its way into the area sewers and the water supply. It also prevents clogs in your drain and pipes. Because of all the grease and oil it captures, it is important to get it cleaned on a regular basis.


Frequent grease trap cleaning is essential to the functionality of your restaurant cleaning. The primary benefit is preventing clogs. When your grease trap is filled with grease and oil, the water will no longer be able to flow through it well. This can cause sink backups. In addition, various types of food grease and oil have a strong smell. Over time, the grease and oil in the trap will begin to smell, making your kitchen an unpleasant place to work.

Kitchen Customization

Each kitchen is different. Drains in commercial kitchens need to be able to handle larger amounts of grease than a kitchen in a home would. This can play a major role in the type of grease trap used, as well as the frequency of cleanings. This will ensure you have the right system in place to keep your kitchen sink operating at top efficiency.

When you work in the restaurant industry, there is a large amount of grease and oils from the foods that will enter your sink when you rinse and wash the dishes. This is why you need to install a grease trap to protect your pipes, as well as the sewer pipes that belong to the community. However, simply installing a grease trap isn’t enough. You also need regular grease trap cleaning to ensure proper operation.

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