The Numbers Don’t Lie

The statistics are clear. According to studies conducted locally and across the nation, anyone who is applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Before, PA, or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, should consult with a Social Security attorney before submitting an application or, if an application has already been denied, before entering into the appeals promise. The Social Security Administration allows applicants to be represented by non-lawyers if they so desire, but the result has been that several cases have been detected in which these non-attorney Social Security claimant “representatives” have engaged in fraud and have been brought up on charges.

The numbers have consistently shown that having a Social Security attorney in Bedford, PA to review your application for disability benefits is the helpful choice because your attorney is bound by a code of ethics that non-legal representatives are not. Your Social Security attorney must always seek you best interests, insofar as possible by law. Your lawyer cannot violate this obligation without the threat to both license and livelihood.

Unfortunately, applying for Social Security Disability benefits has become increasingly difficult for individual citizens due to instances of fraud that have occurred as well as clearly ineligible claims that have been filed. And so, as is so often the case, a few bad apples have ruined the whole application process for the rest of the upright people who are a part of the same barrel. And then, once denied, many of these eligible applicants turn to some of these unscrupulous reps for help, and the system of deceit and fraud continues in a way that would have been stopped had the applicants first obtained help form a Social Security attorney who has to act within ethical confines.

Another reason that it is good to retain a Social Security attorney when applying for benefits or appealing a denial, is that if the case should progress to federal court, only an attorney will be able to provide you with representation. In addition, because lawyers and judges all work in the same environs, they speak one another’s language and tend to “get each other.” Thus, when you have an attorney at your side, you have a much greater likelihood of receiving a positive decision if you are appealing.

Applying for Social Security Disability can be a trying experience, especially when you know that the majority of initial claims are denied for one reason or another. Add into that the confusing paperwork, deadlines that must be met, and the fact that you know the system is already backlogged beyond belief and you will quickly see the advantage of consulting with an attorney in the Bedford, PA area to get the help you need.

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