The Peaceful Ambiance of a Garden Wall Can Change the Indoor Atmosphere

Have you ever strolled through a lovely, well-maintained garden? The winding paths are edged with greenery, and the place feels tranquil and safe. The cool lushness invites you to stay and reflect awhile. Imagine having that same feeling when you walk into your bedroom or living area. An interior garden wall, can produce the same sense of serenity in your home or office.

Using preserved elements found in nature, lichen, moss, and ferns, you can establish a garden on your wall, creating a haven indoors for those who love having access to a green space. These walls are both functional and beautiful. They provide texture and sound buffering as well as an enhanced focal point that visitors will want to touch, smell, and enjoy.

An interior garden wall placed in the bedroom can be made from a simple ball moss material or a variety of mosses and greenery like grasses and ferns. The ambiance created will give you the impression of cool, clean air, verdant green fields, and crisp mountain pathways. Using moss as the base, you can add in bear grass and papyrus for stalks of verdant color. Feathery soft foxtail and parchment ferns provide additional dimension to this 3D wall. The fuzzy tails of Lagurus and the swirls of palm grass will keep the eyes engaged as they discover different shapes and whirls.

You could also choose to decorate the walls with subtly hued moss accented by vibrant, spiky thistle in burgundy, orange, and red tones. The colors and textures will meld together to create a calm and freeing green space.

You’ll be able to find wreaths, dried flower bundles, lichen branches, and a plethora of leaves in different patterns and sizes to fit any decor. With so many options, you can design your interior garden wall to satisfy your own personal tastes.

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