The President Kennedy Assassination and Its Impact on American Culture

There is no doubt that the President Kennedy assassination was a defining moment in American history, a day that would go down in infamy. To this very day, the President Kennedy assassination is regarded as a conspiracy by many people, with the official position of assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald being questioned by many. The death of the President had an effect on the American psyche as a whole, and despite his flaws he was much loved. The impact this has had on American culture has been telling, with film providing one such outlet for American expression regarding the President Kennedy assassination and the influence it had on the American people.

Best Films Based on the President Kennedy Assassination

While there have been many movies and documentaries based on the President Kennedy assassination, there are a few stand out films that anyone with an interest in the event should consider watching. They are:

JFK – Written and directed by Academy Award winning Oliver Stone, JFK is probably the stand out film regarding the President Kennedy assassination as a whole. It spends a great deal of time evaluating many of the conspiracy theories behind the official accounts and starred some of the Hollywood’s leading stars at the time. JFK also won numerous two Academy Awards, one for cinematography and another for film editing.

The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes – This documentary won the Documentary Award at the San Sebastian Film festival, and it spends a great deal of time questioning the findings of the Warren Commission. It does also provide a few theories of its own.

Rush to Judgment – The Warren Commissions findings are placed under the microscope where serious flaws are uncovered in their findings in this documentary. It was based on the Mark Lane book of the same name

Murder of JFK: A Revisionist History – This is probably one of the most complete documentaries ever filmed regarding the subject matter. The entire story is relived through never before seen archival footage, with conclusions pointing towards conspiracy and possible cover up. It won two awards.

Beyond JFK – This is a documentary about the President Kennedy assassination that actually inspired Oliver Stones JFK movie. It contained some newer footage and also interviews that were for some reason ignored by the mainstream media. This is one of the best documentaries on the subject and has inspired many more as a result of its findings.

There is no doubt that the President Kennedy assassination has inspired many, and while there have been no shortage of Hollywood productions, documentaries and movies made for television, there are also a great many books, websites and papers written in the subject matter too.

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