The Primary Reasons for Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys

While you aren’t required to use the services of personal injury attorneys in Cook County, many people who have been hurt through no fault of their own do consider hiring them. It makes sense that you have someone on your side because the guilty party and their insurance company are working against you every step of the way.

What the Claim is Worth

Have you ever been involved in a personal injury case before? Do you know how much you can expect to get from the insurance company? Most people answer no to these questions, and the insurance company hopes that you aren’t aware because they can then offer you less and you’re more likely to take it. When you hire a lawyer, the first thing they’re going to do is comb through the case to see if you have a chance of winning. Then, they’ll estimate how much you might get. However, you should be aware that this is an estimation only; you won’t know the details and amounts until the settlement is finalized or the court proceedings are over.

Understand Legalities

While you may know that you were hurt and the guilty party was to blame, you must prove this to a court or the insurance adjuster. You have to file petitions, get expert witnesses, provide information from the doctor, and so much more. Most people aren’t sure how to do these things, which means they may do them incorrectly, which takes more time to finish the case and could cause a denial based on a technicality. Lawyers know what to do and when, so they’re sure to stay on top of things.

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