The Pros and Cons of Asking Exterior Contractors in Madison WI to Include Speed Bumps on Pavement

When the owner of a commercial property plans to have the parking lot completely repaved or paved for the first time, this person might be wondering whether adding speed bumps or speed humps would be worthwhile. Before making this decision and hiring Exterior Contractors in Madison WI to do the work, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of these features.

Divided Opinions

The issue of speed bumps is quite divisive between property owners and drivers in the parking lots and private roads. Drivers almost universally despise these features. In contrast, property owners may have learned that the raised pavement areas installed by exterior contractors in Madison WI actually are effective at slowing traffic in a busy area, at least to a certain extent.

Not Everyone Slows Down

One problem is that not everyone slows for the bumps. Drivers of larger pickup trucks are more likely to ignore the features, since these vehicles are built to drive over rough terrain.


Vehicle owners who need to have their shocks and struts replaced soon are aggravated at the extra wear and tear the bumps put on these suspension devices. Riders who have significant back pain or are recovering from hernia surgery find going over the humps to be a distressing experience.

Cyclists and Pedestrians

The raised areas of pavement also cause problems for cyclists and pedestrians. The raised pavement can result in accidents for cyclists or, at a minimum, an uncomfortable maneuver over the hard surface. It’s similar to driving up and over a curb. Pedestrians are at risk of tripping over a speed bump if they aren’t looking at the pavement.

Avoiding the Bumps

In addition, there’s the issue of frequent visitors to the lot learning how to avoid the humps. If the raised areas are only on the pavement closest to the building, drivers learn they can cut through the parking lot and not have to drive over these annoying features. Now, with drivers using the parking lot as a road, the risk of collision is higher there. Contractors such as Tri-County Paving Inc. can answer questions property owners have about the pros and cons of these raised areas of pavement.

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