The Pros and Cons of Painting Your Home During the Fall and Winter Seasons

Are you considering giving the inside of your home a new paint job before the holiday season descends? If so, you need to contact painters in Katy and schedule an appointment to have it professionally done so you don’t have to. You’ve probably heard more than once there are pros and cons to painting the rooms of your home in the cooler seasons. Read on below to find out what those pros and cons are.

Pro: The Paint Dries Faster

If you call in professional painters in Katy before the temperatures cool down, the paint will dry faster. The cooler temperatures are ideal for the paint to dry the way it should. As a matter of fact, hot temperatures make the paint on your walls dry too fast, which means it doesn’t adhere to the surface properly. The result is paint that will peel over time, resulting in the need to repaint the surface long before it should need it.

Con: Ventilation Issues

One of the major disadvantages of painting the interior of your home during the colder months is the lack of ventilation options. When the temperatures plummet, you can’t open your windows to allow for proper ventilation, meaning your paint job can become a danger to you, your family and your pets. While you can always open the windows and turn up the heat to keep things warm, it isn’t good for your heating bill either so it isn’t recommended.

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