The Remarkable Work Done by Professional Asphalt Contractors In Lake Geneva, WI

While homeowners don’t normally have to worry about asphalt driveways as most driveways for homes are made of concrete, for a business owner, especially one that owns their own commercial facility, asphalt surfaces are quite common. That’s why it’s a good idea, even if their services aren’t required immediately, for a business owner to have Cicchini Asphalt LLC at the ready. Whether it’s simple repairs to a driveway or parking lot, or replacing the asphalt surface is necessary, a good asphalt contractor is a great resource to have.


For business owners that have purchased a facility with existing asphalt surfaces, this is where things can get a bit tricky. A newer surface may need nothing for the first few years after it is laid. However, older asphalt surfaces or asphalt that has been neglected could require extensive repairs. The good thing is that there are many different options a business owner will have in this regard.

Repair and Restore

The first option is to repair damaged asphalt surfaces and add a protective sealant. Not only will the repairs to fix to chip or cracking help to enhance the integrity of the asphalt, the sealant will help protect the surface as well as giving it a deep, dark color, similar to newly laid asphalt. If an asphalt surface is starting to look a bit aged and gray, a sealant is the best way to revive the look without the expense of new paving materials.

Starting From Scratch

Unfortunately, with old, compromised and neglected asphalt surfaces, the only option may be to remove the old materials and lay down new asphalt. This job can be handled rather easily with quality Asphalt Contractors In Lake Geneva, WI, but the expense can be quite significant, and it’s best to try and avoid this if at all possible.

Regardless of what any asphalt surfaces on your business property needs, these needs can be adequately addressed by contractors like what can be found at website. If you have any issues with asphalt, whether they are small or significant, you should go online and see how these contractors can help you with whatever asphalt situation you may be facing. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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