The Right Online CPR Course for You

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Education

CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but that does not mean there is only one course or one emphasis in all of them. You can have a basic online CPR course; then there are those that include BLS training also. There are some courses that are AHA approved and sanctioned, and there are others that are sanctioned by a hospital facility or other medical entity.

CPR for Infants and Children

You might think CPR is CPR, whether it is for children or for adults. This is not so. There is an online CPR course for those who work with infants and young children to teach the methods of CPR that are appropriate to perform on this age group.

For infants, rather than using the heel of the hand, you must use the fingers to massage the chest area. There are additional methods and procedures for babies and older young children. This specialty course could take nine hours.

CPR for Adults

Employers are now paying for their employees to take an online CPR course. People are always around when there is an emergency. However, the EMTs may not be close enough to help, but a fellow employee will be there to administer CPR that could be the means of saving a life. This adult course could be around six and a half hours. It is often a basic CPR course, but some of the adult courses could also include BLS training.

CPR for the Health Provider and EMT

The online CPR course for the health provider and particularly for the EMT will be more involved beyond the basics. This course will provide their professional certifications. Today, there are many organizations, such as schools, churches and day cares, that have an AED onsite. The basic CPR training for the professionals is now including training in how to use them.

They will also learn how to use the resuscitation masks or the bag valve masks and to use BLS on an accident victim. The EMTs will be taught how to do CPR by themselves and also if a partner is there with them, how to do it in tandem.

An online CPR course can be found to fit just about any need. Whether you need more professional training for your job or you simply want to learn this useful life-saving skill, you will be able to find just the right CPR course for your needs.

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