The ROI Of Hiring A Sales And Marketing Motivational Speaker

Sales and marketing jobs can be highly rewarding, but they can also be challenging and extremely difficult. This becomes an increasing factor in times of economic downturn or changes in the market that negatively impact sales.

Sales managers and team leaders know the importance of personal and professional motivation in sales. It can be difficult to inspire and motivate within your company or team. However, bringing in a professional sales and marketing motivational speaker creates a positive change in the sales team, resulting in higher sales and a renewed commitment to meet or exceed sales quotas and expectations.

A Fresh Look

With over two decades of experience in sales and 10 years in digital marketing, Doug Dvorak approaches motivation from experience. He utilizes his understanding of effective sales and marketing strategies learned through an MBA in Marketing Management and decades of real-world sales experience in the industry to develop a presentation that captures the audience’s attention.

His fresh approach as a sales and marketing motivational speaker includes observations, humor, and practical strategies that are teaching as they entertain. Through the discussion of ideas and sales and marketing techniques, your staff is inspired to implement these new ideas and to set professional and personal goals that allow them to excel.

Doug Dvorak is a sales and marketing motivational speaker with a customized approach. Each presentation is unique and tailored to meet the needs of the company or organization. This personalized approach means a direct connection with the audience and a presentation your attendees will talk about for years to come.

Marketing motivational speaker Doug Dvorak brings the best of sales and marketing experience to his presentations. His marketing, sales and motivational ideas work, he gets people involved and he loves doing it.

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