The Role Of Custom Packaging Design

Over the years, the basic concepts of the making of paper and paperboard have not altered. Improved technology has resulted in improved efficiency and products; however, the actual process essentially remains the same. What differs today is the demand for custom packaging design. Today’s product manufacturers expect more from their packaging than protection for shipping and stacking. This is why packaging companies hire or work with packaging designers.

What Do Packaging Designers Do?

When it comes to creating the right package design, a company needs the expertise of a qualified packaging designer. This individual plays a very important role in helping the customer arrive at the ideal packaging for their product. Some aspects the designer may have to consider are:

  • Concept Design: What is the concept behind the product’s design? Will it require working from scratch or is a template already in existence for this product?
  • Graphic Design: What type of graphics, if any, does the client want?
  • Branding: If a product does not already have a brand, a packaging designer may be asked to come up with that unique look or logo to establish one.

Packaging designers need to have the skills and expertise in these and other areas to help the client create the perfect custom packaging design for their product.

Key Factors of Good Packaging Design

If a paper carton company wants to provide custom packaging that works, the designer must understand exactly what makes product packaging work. He or she needs to be able to express the intention of the product manufacturer clearly. A good packaging designer has to:

  • Make the product easy to understand for the consumer
  • Produce logos and brand names or other related items that are easy to decipher and clear to comprehend
  • Ensure that all information requested by the company and required by the government are on the package
  • Make it perfectly clear to anyone who looks at the package exactly what it is, what it contains and what it stands for

These characteristics distinguish good from bad packaging.

Custom Packaging Design

No matter what the product, it will require some type of packaging. While some companies do not need specialty or specialized cartons or other containers, some do. For those who wish to create a certain look, provide a specific message or want a particular logo, there are options. They will contact their favorite carton manufacturer about using their custom packaging design services.

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