The Schools of Delray Beach, FL Are Focused on Reading Skills

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Non Profit Organization

For many, the love of reading came easily and naturally. For children who struggle to read, school rapidly becomes a nightmare. While the first years of school are focused on learning to read, in third grade, children need to start reading well to learn. For a child who doesn’t read well by third grade, the rest of their school career can be a struggle.

Focusing on the Problem

Roots and Wings is a charity in Delray Beach, FL that offers help and hope to struggling students. Project Uplift is a program that uses certified teachers to support students who struggle with reading by teaching them in small groups. Instead of one teacher working with twenty or more students, Project Uplift pairs one teacher with a group of ten or fewer students for close, in-person assistance.

Close support in these small groups for short blocks of time offers struggling students several benefits. First of all, they see that they are not alone. Secondly, they can get assistance over specific stumbling blocks. For example, a child who missed basic steps in the understanding of phonics can catch up with detailed attention. These simple connections can help a child who has fallen behind to catch up, sometimes with surprising speed.

Celebrating Teachers

Roots and Wings also focuses on celebrating teachers who go the extra mile with Above and Beyond Awards. Teachers work under a heavy load and are among the lowest paid professionals in the nation. Above and Beyond awards, often tallying gifts of over $1,200, are a great boon to teachers in the classroom.

Supporting young readers and celebrating teachers are just a few of the projects in work and supported by Roots and Wings, a worthy charity in Delray Beach, FL. You can find out more on their website.

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