The SMB Market Is Eager To Upgrade Phone Systems, But They Struggle With Technical Terminology

Industry insiders call them SMBs. That stands for small to medium-sized business owners. Officials with Hanover Research recently conducted a study on the perceptions and use of business phone systems by SMBs. They found a significant gap in knowledge about this key element of doing business.

While 74% of SMB owners called voice communication “essential” to their operations, most were not familiar with the latest telecom terms. Few could identify or explain tools, such as IP telephony, hosted PBX, SIP trunks or unified communications.

The Hanover study also found that among the most commonly used feature of voice communication by SMBs is three-way calling. Others are use of intercoms, conference calling, call bridges, music for the hold and calling with the use of extensions.

Choosing a significant representative area of the country to serve as a microcosm sample for the entire nation, one researcher zeroed in on the search term, “Office Phone Systems Dallas Fort Worth.” This effort found that 38% of businesses in this region expressed the desire to receive voicemails as email attachments. Just over 25% wanted remote desk phones while 24% desired a mobile client for their desk phones.

Additionally, market research found that the majority of SMBs are planning to purchase a new phone system within the next three years. The reason: Old or outdated voice equipment they felt needed to be upgraded.

The Office Phone Systems Dallas Fort Worth microcosm sampling shows that, while SMBs know they need to upgrade, the majority of business owners simply don’t know the relevant terms. That makes it difficult to identify specific voice communications technologies needed.

Providers such as Dallas-based Communication Solution Providers (CSP)are taking aggressive steps to educate their target audience on terms and capabilities offered by the latest in voice communications technology. The CSP website at is a valuable resource for SMBs to discover telecom solutions that can significantly increase company ROI, improve customer relations and streamline business.

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