The Surprising Ease of Getting Fast, Cheap Bail Bonds in Johnson County

Getting cheap, fast bail bonds in Johnson County is much easier than it sounds. Similar to most bail bonds, a third party can even apply on the defendant’s behalf. Here’s how it works, and here are some ways to get a bail bond amount potentially reduced.

Contacting a Bond Agent

Most bond agents are available 24/7 for free consultation. Around-the-clock bail bonds are necessary: off-hour arrests are common, and posting bond ASAP is crucial to a faster release time.

During the first consultation with a bond agent, the agent will need the inmate’s full legal name, the jail they were booked into, their booking number, charges, and the bail amount.

Bail amounts can be easy or difficult to come by. Bail schedules posted in some county jails provide bail amounts for everyday misdemeanors. Those with felony charges might have to wait until their arraignment to find out their bail amount.

Bail Bond Costs, Potential Discounts

Each state regulates bail bond costs. Most state’s cap costs at 10 to 15 percent of the defendant’s full bail. This cost is the bond agent’s premium, a nonrefundable fee. Agents often accept cash, checks, credit cards, and occasionally collateral. Bail bond loans, financing, and payment plans may also be available. One also has the right to ask for a reduced bail during the arraignment. Some bond agents might even be inclined to lower their premium by one to two percent, but this is rare. For more information visit and see how easy it is to get fast, affordable bail bonds in Johnson County.

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