The Telescopic Cylinder and Great Customer Service

When we think of customer service, most of us think about retail and supermarkets, but there is an entire industry of manufacturers and suppliers out there who supply premium parts for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. For companies and businesses who are in the business of making things for us, getting the parts that they need quickly translates into better customer service for the rest of us.

The Science and Art of Great Service

For small and locally owned companies that are committed to their industries and their customers, it makes perfect sense to find several points of differentiation so that they can compete more evenly with chain suppliers and other international heavyweights. Take the humble telescopic cylinder, for example. The hydraulic operation of machinery is not something most of us ever really consider, but for industries that rely on it, a broken-down machine can cause major delays and headaches in their workflow. This is where getting the right parts at the right prices from the right people will make their business easier and make a difference to the rest of us.

For small to medium-sized companies that have been around since before the explosion of the web and globalization, the ability to adapt to markets and the willingness to be agile in the face of change is vital to their success. Our hydraulics and telescopic cylinder company, for example, needs to make itself as unique as possible in its niche industry in the face of encroaching competition from overseas competitors who are more than willing to cut corners on manufacturing processes, quality and price. Here’s what our humble hydraulics company can offer:

  • Customer Service: It’s no secret that great customer service is one of the primary keys to success for any business. In an age where companies can get away with poor customer service because they cut prices, smaller and locally run companies must accentuate their commitment to clients and customers to take on their much larger competitors. This commitment goes a long way towards equalizing their chances of success in a brutal globalized market.
  • Speed and Efficiency: If our humble hydraulics company is also able to offer speed of service over and above most of its competitors, it has created a one-two punch when also combined with great customer service. If years of using the web have taught us anything, it is that most people are unwilling to wait too long for their products. In fact, most people will gladly pay more to get something faster!
  • Price: This characteristic is perhaps the hardest to achieve for a small to a medium-sized company headquartered locally. But good prices are possible because our humble company has a crack team of engineers and drafters working for it. This provides both speed and efficiency and also means that customers can have specific design needs realized quickly. Being able to compete on price is a result of a continuing commitment to customers and a continuing flow of cash through the company coffers.

Support Local Businesses for Maximum Impact

In a world where globalization so often means poor quality products and poor customer service, it is refreshing to find local companies that have committed to the three pillars of business success: customer service, speed and price. By balancing all three, any company can compete on the world stage.

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