The Types of Chocolate Hearts Available

by | Aug 21, 2012 | Shopping

If you are in the market to buy custom chocolate hearts, it is important to know what options you will have so you can decide what you want to order. Which type you choose to purchase will vary depending on your own personal preferences, as well as the purpose of the chocolates. For instance, giving chocolates as a personal gift will often require a different type of chocolate heart than using them for a corporate marketing tool.

Centered Foil

Some people have a special graphic or message they want to portray with their custom chocolates. One of the best ways to showcase this graphic or message is to choose to have it imprinted on the center of the foil. This will provide the greatest visibility, making it extremely important if you have a longer message or a larger graphic to show. With this option, the graphic or message may also be imprinted directly on the chocolate as well.

Repeating Foil

For shorter messages or a smaller graphic, you may want to choose chocolate hearts that repeat the message or graphic across the wrapper. This can provide a much different look than a centered foil and still portray the same message. As with the centered foil, you can choose to have your graphics or message imprinted directly on the chocolate for an even greater impact.

Full-Color Hearts

Another great option in some cases is the full-color custom hearts. When you order these hearts, you will be able to select a full-color photograph and have it imprinted on the chocolate using edible ink. This type of chocolate heart will leave quite an impression on the recipient. The ability to imprint a chocolate heart with a full-color picture is sure to be a gift that will leave the recipient with a strong feeling of appreciation. This type of chocolate is perfect for a personal gift or a wedding or shower favor.

Choosing the chocolate hearts that will best fit your purpose will ensure your message gets across loud and clear. If you are using the chocolate hearts for a corporate giveaway, favor or gift, a foil wrapped chocolate, either with the graphic or message centered on the foil or imprinted repeatedly, is the perfect option for you. However, if you really want to leave an impression and that personal touch, a full-color heart imprinted with a full-color photo won’t disappoint.

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