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The Types Of Storm Damage In Upper Arlington OH That Should Be Inspected By A Professional Roofer

Posted By: Leah Austin

A storm may wreak havoc on a home and leave it damaged and susceptible to a water intrusion and the formation of mildew and mold. Of all the items that are likely to experience Storm Damage in Upper Arlington OH, a roof is the most prevalent, as it is directly exposed to the elements and may become damaged due to flying debris and high winds. If a homeowner notices the following issues, they should consult with a professional roofer right away.

Missing Shingles

During installation, shingles are attached to a roof through the use of specialized roofing nails, which hold them in place while preventing the onset of leaks. High winds may cause the shingles to detach from the roof and leave the subroof or tar paper underneath exposed to the elements. If a missing shingle is not replaced, it may allow water to run behind the roofing materials and lead to the formation of a leak.

Damaged Skylights

A skylight allows sunshine to flow inside, and they are a great option for rooms that do not have wall space for a traditional window installation. The problem is that the gaskets and seals around a skylight may become damaged during severe weather, and in extreme cases, the glass may become cracked or broken. It is recommended to have any units inspected after a major storm to make sure they are watertight and have not sustained damage that will lead to a leak.

Chimney Leaks

The area where a chimney protrudes from a roof will usually be surrounded by a flashing material, which extends from underneath the shingles and wraps around the brick or stone. If the metal sustains Storm Damage in Upper Arlington OH it may cause it to fail and allow water to run down the chimney and inside a home. Contact a professional and let them inspect the flashing and determine if it should be replaced.

A roof that isn’t properly maintained will not protect a home from environmental threats. The team at J.F. Baker’s Sons has been providing residential and commercial roofing service since 1929. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free, no obligation storm damage assessment.

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