The Use of Round Steel Tubing in the Race Car Industry 2013-6-7 17 12 1Round steel tubing is commonly used in the race car industry. It is used to create the frames of race cars, but even more commonly, it is known for its use in roll cages that sit inside the car to protect the occupants in the event of a rollover accident. The geometric design of the cage naturally lends itself to the use of round steel that is easily formable and highly durable, making it an effective choice for many car enthusiasts.

Determine the Thickness

The thickness of the tubing will determine the safety of your roll cage. It is important to measure the inside of the vehicle, as well as consider the thickness desired. The actual thickness chosen is typically based on the weight of the vehicle, but most people start with at least a 0.120 thickness.

Feel the Formability

One of the key components of the use of round steel tube in roll cages is its formability. It is important to cut the tubing to the exact measurements you require for the interior of the car. You need tubing that provides the ability to bend, twist and weld easily to obtain the utmost protection in the vehicle. When the tubes are bent, they should not lose any of their effectiveness, which is apparent when it remains smooth and resists scoring.

Avoid Painting

While it is tempting for many car enthusiasts to paint the roll cage to help it fit into the theme of the race car, this eliminates the ability to see any cracks or pits in the tubing should an accident occur. Round steel tubing is durable and able to withstand harsh use, but serious accidents can cause damage to it, reducing its effectiveness over time. When used as a roll cage, it is important to always be able to see the soundness of the materials.

The race car industry has many uses for round steel tubing, including creating roll cages and entire race car frames. The customization of this material makes it possible to obtain the greatest protection for a vehicle based on your needs. Accurately measuring the interior of the vehicle, determining the proper way to cut the steel and taking proper precautions when welding it into the car is the best way to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the roll cage.

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