The Uses for a Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer

In today’s competitive world, employers are leaning toward using restrictive covenant agreements before offering employment. There are a variety of restrictions these agreements can entail, including non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure restrictions. These restrictions can be troublesome for past employees who are now looking for new employment but are unable to secure the employment they want due to the restriction clause they signed. In these cases, it is necessary to secure a non-compete agreement lawyer to help you.

Watch What You Sign

Many non-compete agreements are enforceable and become problem some for employees once they resign or are fired from a job. It is in your best interest to tread with care before signing an agreement. While it is the employer’s right to protect his business interests, many non-compete agreements are too broad and cause problems for employees once they leave that company. Take the time to understand what you are signing before signing a non-compete contract. If you do not understand it, get legal counsel before taking any chances of jeopardizing your future.

Limit the Terms

If you must sign a non-compete agreement, try to negotiate the terms with your employer. If you get the terms as narrowed down as possible, you will have an easier time securing employment in the future. If you do not limit the terms, you could find it difficult for any employers to talk to you in the future once they find out you signed a non-compete agreement. If you were unable to limit the terms before you signed the contract and are having trouble after the fact, you can hire a non-compete agreement lawyer who can try to negotiate with your past employer to reduce the terms of the contract to allow you to secure new employment.

If you are in the market for a new job, take the time to fully research any companies you are considering working for, including any non-compete agreements they require you to sign. If you sign a contract you do not fully understand, you could find yourself having trouble finding future employment. Some employers today even require current employees to sign a non-compete agreement. It is equally as important to research your contract, even if you are already employed, to prevent future issues. A non-compete agreement lawyer can help you negotiate the terms of your contract or even get it thrown out if the contract was not legitimately created.

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