The Wide Variety of Uses for ID Lanyards

It seems almost anywhere you look today employees are making using of ID lanyards while on the job. What used to be reserved for jobs that required a card to swipe employees in and out of the premises is now being used in industries, such as the healthcare industry, daycares and even retail establishments. Anywhere IDs are an important part of the job, lanyards are quickly becoming the most popular accessory.

Healthcare Industry

Privacy is of utmost concern in the healthcare industry. This makes it necessary for healthcare workers to have a method to swipe their ID cards to gain access to medical records, as well as medication closets. It is no longer acceptable to allow free reign to anyone who enters the building. Because it is important for healthcare workers to identify themselves at all times, in addition to times they need access to special areas, ID lanyards are the perfect choice. Available in a wide variety of materials, every employee can find the one that is the most comfortable for them. Some hospitals even choose to order them in bulk, personalized with the hospital name on them, to give to employees to wear.


Security is an important issue. Daycares are no exception. Employees need clearance before coming into contact with children. Parents need to be buzzed into the buildings before gaining access to their child. Because employees need to be readily identified, as well as use their badge to gain entry into daycares, ID lanyards offer the most convenience for daycare employees.

Retail Establishments

If you have ever walked around a retail store, aimlessly looking for someone to help you, you understand the frustration of differentiating employees from customers. Many retail stores allow employees to wear clothing that blends right in with the customers, making it hard to tell who the employees are. Rather than forcing employees to wear name badges that pin on, they can take advantage of the benefits of ID lanyards and wear their ID around their neck. This could also help retail employees gain access to stockrooms or safes that are otherwise locked and need special permission to access.

ID lanyards offer a wide variety of benefits to employees in different industries. Because today’s society is one that is dependent on identification and swiping cards to get into restricted areas, it is most convenient for everyone to wear their ID around their neck. This eliminates the risk of losing IDs or wearing pins that damage employees’ clothing.

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