These 5 Web Design Mistakes are Killing Your Traffic

Bad website design can hurt your traffic. Check the metrics for repeat visitor percentage as well as for the average session length. If you find out that your visitors are leaving and not coming back, then your site design may be a factor. Here are a few errors that could doom your traffic and conversion rates.

Spelling and grammar mistakes

Mistakes can detract from the value of your copy and compromise the credibility of your pages. That’s hardly the effect you want. If you’re just starting, you need people to trust your brand. Establish your business as trustworthy and credible. Bad grammar and spelling could shoot those plans down.

Not mobile friendly

Nearly everyone uses smart devices these days. If you want to reach out to your audience, you’re going to need to make it easier for them to access your site, Forbes says. If your pages still aren’t mobile-friendly, then there’s no better time than now to fix that. Look for web design services in Lancaster PA to help you.

Slow loading

If you make your visitors wait, that’s probably why you’ve got low traffic to your pages. If it takes your pages “Till Kingdom Come” to load, it may be a good idea to get experts to improve your loading speed. Check out reputable companies that offer web design services in Lancaster PA. Ask them for assistance.

Lack of optimization

Make sure your pages are SEO-ready. Optimize your pages for both search and social. That’s going to boost your visibility, help you expand your consumer base and get more traffic to your pages. The higher your traffic, the bigger your conversion rates.

Poor navigation

Make it clear to your audience where you want them to go. A good design should make that possible.

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