Things to Ask the Technician During Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX

Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX sometimes become necessary since people tend to run the central air a lot in this type of climate. However, they may be putting more strain on the system than is needed to keep the house cool. Certain types of behavior can make the air conditioning work harder or less efficiently, leading to repair bills and higher electric bills.

Does It Make Sense to Close Vents?

People might decide to close a vent or two in the house if there are rooms they seldom use. This seems like a reasonable way to save energy, but it doesn’t always work. A heating and cooling technician from a company such as J & S Air Inc. can evaluate the ductwork and let customers know whether closing registers is problematic. The system was probably designed to work best with all registers open. Closing vents can cause the unit to run in shorter cycles, which is harder on the system.

What About the Best Thermostat Temperature Settings?

Some people set the thermostat at 76 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and leave it there all the time, even when they are gone all day at work or even for the weekend. Others shut the a/c off altogether when they leave, which can cause interior temperatures to rise into the high 80s or beyond on very hot, sunny days.

Both of these decisions are problematic. Keeping the home at a comfortable temperature when nobody is there for six or more hours wastes energy. But letting the interior temperature reach 88 degrees forces the central air unit to run for a long time to bring the temperature back down 12 degrees. The best solution is to set the thermostat five or six degrees higher when leaving for the day. A programmable thermostat takes care of that automatically.

Can Leaking Air Ducts Be Sealed?

During Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX, homeowners also can ask technicians to check the ducts throughout the structure and see whether any need to be sealed. Connections can become loose over time and leak cool air into basements and crawl spaces.

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