Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Machine

Purchasing a new, or even a piece of used Mazak equipment can be a big investment. Before pulling the trigger, you will want to identify your business needs and decide the product that will most help you meet your business objectives. This will include a careful consideration of production goals, parts needed, and jobs being done. Another factor that will need to be considered is the skill levels of your employees. Once all of these things have been laid out, then you can work on the budget.

Production Goals

Where is your business right now? Where do you want it to be? The answer to that question is your main goal. It may not be one single thing either. You may want to increase your output and reduce the cost of parts. You may want to improve the quality of your product or become a more efficient shop. Once you have decided the things that you want, you will need to put them into a priority list. These priorities should dictate what types of machines and equipment you buy, and when you make the purchases.

Your Parts

Your new and used Mazak equipment purchases should be optimized for your business. Consider the size ranges of your parts and the materials used to create those parts. You will need a machine that can handle those key factors. You will also want to consider your production rates when you are considering your purchase. Mazak Multi-Tasking technology can be matched to your needs.

Skill Levels

If you want to keep your shop running efficiently, you don’t want to introduce a piece of equipment that will be very difficult for your operators to learn. For instance, if your employees aren’t familiar with CAD/CAM, you may want to stick to machines that use a more conversational language.


Take a serious look at your budget and weigh your financing options. Once you have a solid idea of what you can afford, you can consider whether you want to go with new or used Mazak equipment. Don’t forget to consider what needed options are standard and what are options are upgrades when you are comparing costs.

When you are ready to make an equipment purchase, check out the inventory at CC Machine Tools in Cleveland. Our machinery experts can help you make the necessary decisions to get the most bang for your buck.

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