Things to Do on Date Night

Date night is a wonderful thing to have in any relationship. Both men and women need to have time together to do fun things and enjoy themselves outside of the home. Date night doesn’t have to break your personal finance bank either. These are three suggestions of affordable things you can do on those nights in Fridley, MN:


Bowling is a nice little competitive sport that you can indulge in with your significant other. Bowling alleys usually have special days when they offer extremely low pricing. You can take advantage of their offers by doing that on your date night. You might catch a day when they offer bowling games for $1 or $2. You can bowl all night with pricing like that.


Movies are always great because they give you the chance to escape everyday life and get into a fantasy world for a few hours. Take your loved one out for a good movie the next time you have a date night. Movie theaters also have special times that they may offer discounted shows.

Eating Out

Going out to a restaurant is a great choice for date night. You can visit pizza places near Fridley MN and have some of the best pizza in the town. Pizza selections have become more varied and tasty over the years. Take your mate out to have an Alfredo pizza instead of an ordinary pizza. Visit a place that offers some entertainment such as drinks or special events.

Route 47 Pub & Grub is more than just one of the best Pizza Places Near Fridley Mn. It has just about everything you need for a successful date night. It features live music, motorcycle rides and a heap of other fun additions. Contact the facility or stop by to get a taste from this establishment.

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