Things to Do When Buying a Lot for Sale in Georgetown

One of the most common reasons people buy a lot for sale in Georgetown instead of a house is so they can build their home to their specifications. If you are going to purchase a lot, just know ahead of time that there may be some restrictions in place that can make building more of a headache than it’s worth.

Here are some great tips to follow when purchasing a lot for sale in Georgetown.

Work with an Agent

Everybody understands the benefits of working with an agent when purchasing a home, but they don’t realize those same benefits apply when purchasing vacant lots. You don’t want just any realtor either. You want to find one who specializes in land sales.

Look at the Homes Around You

Most people want to build their home from the ground up because it gives them the chance to fully customize it. When doing this it’s crucial to keep things in line with similar homes near you. Your construction loan combined with your loan for the land must be in the range of the current value of neighboring homes.

Consider Road Access and Utilities

One thing most people don’t think about when purchasing a home is roads and utilities because they are already included. When you are buying a lot for sale in Georgetown, you need to consider this. Property owners are responsible for putting in the infrastructure necessary to make your home accessible.

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