Things You Need for College Ski Packages

College is a time of hard work, stressful exams and a bit of partying too. When winter or spring break comes around, college students can’t wait to get away from the stress and do something fun. It is a time in their life to unwind and relax. As a college student, there are many discounts offered because companies know the limited budget college students have. One of the most memorable vacations college students can take is a ski vacation. Many resorts offer great deals on college ski packages that include everything students need, including lodging, lift tickets and even events for the nighttime when you are done skiing.

What to Wear

Before you head out for your college ski trip, it is important to know what to wear on the slopes. If this will be your first trip, you will have to shop for some specific gear to ensure your safety and warmth on the slopes.


Everyone needs a base layer. Long underwear will do just fine. The long underwear you pick should be breathable and fast drying. This will prevent you from shivering and sweating at the same time, which is never pleasant while you are out on the slopes trying to perfect your skiing skills. You will most likely want another layer over your base layer, such as a warm fleece jacket. This layer can always be removed if you get too warm, but it is good to have in the cold skiing temperatures.

Ski Jacket and Pants

Your ski jacket and pants should be waterproof, tight-fitting and insulated but breathable. Your ski jacket should be well-fitted so the bulk does not get in the way of your ski maneuvers. The ski pants should also be tight-fitting but not so tight they restrict your ability to bend. Ski pants should be durable because falling during skiing is quite common. You will also want to find a warm pair of ski socks that are breathable and long enough to go to the top of your boots.


For safety, you will need a helmet and ski goggles. The helmet is a necessity in the event you fall. There is no way to predict how you are going to fall. If you collide with a tree, your head will need protection. Goggles are meant to protect your eyes from the bright glare of the sun on the snow, allowing you to see and safely navigate the slopes.

When you shop for college ski packages, keep in mind the gear you will have to purchase, adding it to your budget if you do not already own the gear and will have to go shopping.

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