Three Dental Restoration Procedures That Can Improve Teeth

If you have teeth that are crooked, chipped, or dingy, then they may prevent you from smiling because you’re embarrassed by them. However, there are procedures that can be done to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Here are three restorative procedures that can give you back your smile by improving your teeth.

Filling Cavities

A dental restoration procedure doesn’t need to be complicated to help improve the function or appearance of teeth. Filling a cavity can help protect a tooth and keep it from causing you pain by preventing it from becoming infected. It can also improve the appearance of a tooth by preventing further damage to it, such as breaking or cracking.

Capping Teeth

Getting caps or crowns put on teeth is another dental restoration procedure that can improve teeth by changing their shape, strength, and appearance. Some people may cap their teeth because their natural teeth are too small or they may have crowns placed over teeth after other dental procedures, such as root canals, have been done. Root canals can weaken teeth so they need crowns to prevent tooth breakage when you are eating hard foods.

Replacing Teeth

If you have missing teeth due to being knocked out in an accident or that were removed due to decay, there are several ways to replace them. Dentists at Lewis Family Dentistry may recommend dentures, bridges, or dental implants to replace teeth, depending on how many are missing. Replacing teeth prevents other complications such as teeth tilting into empty spaces and becoming crooked.

Dental restoration procedures not only help your teeth look better but they can improve their function and strengthen them to prevent more damage. If you’re unhappy about how your teeth look or if you are missing teeth, speak to a dentist about restoration procedures that can help restore your smile. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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