Three Key Signs You Need to Contact a Mechanic

If you’re looking for auto repair services in Gilbert, AZ, you’re probably already experiencing a problem with your car. Good auto repair is necessary to maintain the life and condition of your car. When you work with a great mechanic, you know that any issues that your car encounters can be resolved in a professional and meticulous way.

Following are three key reasons that signify that it’s time to visit a mechanic.

Lower Gas Mileage

One indicator that you could be dealing with an issue that requires a mechanic is your gas mileage suddenly dropping. This obviously means that something in your car isn’t working properly. Lower gas mileage could be caused by anything from a gas leak to an insufficient amount of oil in the car.

Car Is Shaking

If you notice a lot of shaking with your car, it could be that your car could have defective wheel alignment, a situation that could lead to tons more damage if you don’t do something about it right away.

Bad-Smelling Exhaust

A strong or rotten egg-like smell coming out of your exhaust could mean that your catalytic converter is clogged or filthy. You should also look for signs like black smoke coming out of the exhaust, a situation that indicates that your O2 sensor Is clogged up.

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