Three Problems That Dental Veneers Can Resolve in the Royal Oak Area

Your dentist might introduce the idea of giving you dental veneers one day. Therefore, it’s important that you understand what they are. They are tooth-colored pieces of material that fit over the front of a tooth. A dentist uses special dental bonding glue to install them. They can help to correct problems such as:

Stained Teeth

Dental veneers in Royal Oak can cover up a stain you have on your teeth. Sometimes other methods of stain removal don’t work because the stains come from an internal issue. For example, perhaps your teeth are stained from a medication your mother took while you were in the womb. Teeth whitening services won’t help that, but dental veneers in Royal Oak can.

Slight Crookedness

A dental veneer can improve the presence of slight crookedness. It can give the extra bulk to your tooth that it needs so that it appears straight when you smile. Some celebrities have used dental veneers to correct imperfections and have been highly successful.

Symmetry Issues

You may have a symmetry issue that a dental veneer can improve. For example, maybe you have a few teeth that seem to sit further back in the row than others do. A veneer can put extra depth to your teeth and create perfect symmetry to your smile. It’s an affordable way to improve a small issue.

You can now make an educated judgment regarding your dental care and whether to use veneers. Contact a reliable dental provider to discuss these benefits immediately.

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