Three Purposes for Track Bars You Buy and Install on Your Jeep

A Jeep JL track bar is often installed on Jeeps after leaving the manufacturing plant and sold to consumers. You could go the whole life of your Jeep and never install one, but that would be remiss. There are several purposes or reasons why a Jeep JL track bar is installed and used.

Greater Stability Over Rougher Terrain

If you have taken your Jeep over rough terrain even once, you may have felt the incredible rocking from side to side motion underneath you. Jeeps do this to accommodate the bumps in the rode, but it makes for a stomach-churning ride. To make the ride smoother, the track bar stabilizes the axle so that your Jeep is still able to go over terrain but without the constant back and forth wobble.

The Track Bar Protects the Axle

The track bar is installed under and near the front axle. Because it tends to elevate the body of the vehicle a little bit while providing greater stability, your axle is less likely to hit rocks and break. Ergo, the second purpose of a track bar is to provide some protection for the axle.

If Your Jeep Gets Stuck Somewhere, the Track Bar Can Help Get the Jeep Out

Because a track bar is attached to part of the frame of your Jeep, and the other part attached to your suspension system, you can (in a pinch) use the track bar to help haul the Jeep out. The track bar alone should not be the only thing to which you attach hauling winches

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