Three Reasons to Choose MDF Cabinet Doors for your Home Renovation

If you want to invest in a kitchen cabinet door that provides more resiliency and moisture resistance than a wood door, there are MDF cabinet doors. MDF doors are wood fibers hard pressed with resins to create a resilient, water-resistant, attractive alternative to solid wood. These solid-core cabinets come recommended for cabinet use, so you can have confidence it will work out. Here are three reasons you should go with an MDF choice:

Get the Look You Want

The most obvious reason to choose an engineered wood is to get exactly the look you want in your kitchen or bath. Solid wood is a great choice for cabinet applications, but it has never been so malleable that you can fashion any look out of it. That’s not true of one-piece MDF doors. MDF doors can be shaped into any look you want, and it will also accept any finish, paint, or laminate layer you want to put on it. MDF doors can help you achieve your dream kitchen. It can also make any idea come to life.

Flexible Dimensions

Likewise, one-piece MDF doors can also fit any cabinet design. There’s no patchwork or creating panels when using MDF. Your cabinets will have the
consistency of contours and breaks that are expected from an engineering process rather than a sawmill. If you need a larger space covered with a door face, MDF is the best choice because it’s easier to achieve a large single panel with these kinds of doors.

Save Money

MDF doors are inexpensive to manufacture and exhibit the same strength of solid wood, so you can get cabinets that equal or surpass solid-wood cabinets and pay less money. That’s always been the strongest selling point of MDF vs. solid wood over the years. Today’s MDF products surpass solid wood in many ways, some already mentioned. If you want the most quality for the least amount of money, think MDF.

If you decide that MDF is the way to go in your remodeling project, contact your MDF door and cabinet expert, Lovech Ltd.

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