Three Reasons You Should Consult With a DUI Attorney No Matter What

Friendswood DUI attorneys are the first people you should call if you get charged with a DUI crime. It won’t hurt to schedule a consultation, even if you don’t end up hiring an attorney. Here’s why you need to make that appointment:

Possible Jail Time

If you are over 21 years of age, you stand the chance of getting put away for three to 180 days on the first offense. That should be reason enough to contact Friendswood DUI attorneys ASAP to discuss your best defense.

High Fines

Your first offense can also bring you a hefty fine of up to $2,000. That’s not all the money you may have to pay if you get convicted for a DUI. You may also have to pay court costs, surcharges, and other expenses. It may be well worth it for you to get an attorney help to exonerate you from the charge.

Loss of Licenses

You can also lose your license behind a DUI conviction. That loss of license can be for up to two years on the initial offense. You’ll have trouble getting transportation to get to work if that happens to you. You’ll also have difficulty completing everyday tasks.

All the above-mentioned reasons are reasons enough to hire Friendswood DUI attorneys. You should contact one right away and schedule a meeting so that the two of you can talk soon.

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