Three Signs It Is Time to Visit a Dental Clinic

Once you get into the habit of visiting your dentist once every six months, keeping up with the appointments becomes second nature. Even if you do not enjoy the experience of your dental professional poking around your mouth, understand that it is only to prevent painful and expensive work down the road. If you have missed more than one appointment, it may be a sign that it is time to visit a downtown Edmonton dental clinic.

Here are three signs it is time to see your dentist.

Bleeding in Your Gums

If you spot blood anywhere around the gum area when you brush or floss your teeth, it is time to see a downtown Edmonton dental clinic. In short, healthy gums do not bleed. If they do, it could be something as simple as a particle of food being stuck between your teeth, or it could be something more serious like the starting stages of gum disease. If you are due for your bi-yearly appointment, this is a good factor that should motivate you to plan a visit.


You should never feel pain in your mouth, teeth or gums. You should also not experience pain in your jaw. Unless you were involved in an accident that has left lingering effects, pain in this area is often associated with cavities, disease or decay. To be sure, have a professional examine your mouth.

Stains on Teeth

Today, you do not have to have a less than perfect smile. Sometimes, the easiest way to brighten it up is to have your dentist clean and polish your teeth. Then, they can apply a protective layer that helps keep cavities away. Teeth whitening is another way to achieve a gleaming smile.

For more information about how to keep your teeth and gums healthy, contact Downtown Dental.

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