Three Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Home’s Old Windows

Three Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Home’s Old Windows

Many homes that are a few decades old still have all of their original windows. Old windows with wood frames are difficult to maintain as the wood can splinter or rot over time. The wood also expands in high humidity, which can make it difficult to open the windows. Old aluminum windows sweat, which can damage the frame and windowsill. However, these problems can be overcome with a window replacement project. When you encounter these three signs, that means it is time for a home window replacement in Napa.

Windows Won’t Open

Swollen windows or window frames may not allow the window to open. Windows that get stuck in an open or closed position can be a source of frustration. They can also be unsafe if they suddenly come crashing down onto a person’s hands. When your home has windows that will not open because of frame, cable or slider damage, then they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Rotted Frames

Rotted window frames could lead to additional structural damage to your walls and floors. Water can seep through, and pests are also attracted to rotting wood. Carpenter bees, ants and termites can easily penetrate into your home through rotted window frames. Other insects and rodents could also enter through gaps that appear as a result of rot.

Seal Failure

Old windows may develop seal failure. You will be able to identify seal failure when you see moisture between the panes of glass. The window will look foggy, and you will not be able to see through it. The moisture between the panes of glass is aesthetically unappealing and may cause damage.

A home window replacement in Napa makes your home more comfortable and adds value and beauty to the structure. Now is a great time to start choosing beautiful new windows in order to update your home while also maintaining its safety.

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