Three Signs That You May Have Mild to Moderate Depression

Depression can happen to anyone. There’s not always apparent triggers for developing this type of emotional illness. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to deal with depression today and banish it from your life. If you are experiencing any of these three signs, it’s time to seek help from a mental health professional.

Sadness That Doesn’t Go Away

Life can get anyone down from time to time. Stress at work, dealing with a difficult relationship, or the death of a loved one all cause us to be sad for a time. While you can expect to feel down in those situations, you eventually move past it and feel better again. That’s not true if you have some level of depression.

Time is one strong indicator that you are dealing with depression. When what you think are the blues linger for months, something is definitely wrong. Even if you occasionally seem to enjoy things again but feel sad after a few hours, that could mean you are depressed. Your best bet is to seek depression treatment in Mobile AL and find out what it will take to start enjoying life again.

A Lack of Energy

Depression saps energy. If you are depressed, it’s still possible to do anything that you want. The only problem is that there doesn’t seem to be the energy needed to manage those activities. Unfortunately, doing nothing only intensifies the sense of having no energy. By choosing to begin some form of depression treatment in Mobile AL, you’ll find that it’s possible to begin doing things again and not feel exhausted all the time.


Are there activities or hobbies that you once loved but now really don’t care to do? That is a strong sign that you are depressed. Apathy about events, activities, and people who once meant so much indicates that something has changed emotionally. By choosing to seek depression treatment in Mobile AL, you will begin to take an interest in people and activities again, and rediscover why you enjoyed them so much in the past.

Do you believe that you might have mild or moderate depression? Now is the time to seek help. Call Southern Psychiatry Associates today or visit us at today. Together, we can determine the course of treatment that’s right for you and will make it easier to reclaim your life.

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