Three Signs You Should Avoid Hiring a Wedding DJ in New Jersey

The first decision to make when planning your wedding reception is whether to hire a band or a DJ. Many people choose a DJ because of the lower cost and the versatility they provide. Also, a band can be a logistical headache. If you are in the market for a DJ service in NJ, you know how many options there are available to you. To avoid hiring the wrong person for your wedding, keep an eye out for the following signs.

They Talk Too Much

Check out some videos of their past performances. If they talk too much, don’t hire them. It’s fine if they are MCing the event between songs and keeping the vibe going, but you should avoid DJ’s that talk over the song or interrupt the proceedings in general. The party should be about you and your guests, not the DJ service in NJ.

Bad Reviews

People don’t want to give other people bad reviews that could hurt their small business. If a large number of people have left bad reviews for the DJ you’re interested in, it’s a clear stop sign. A few bad reviews here and there are ok, but avoid them if a large percentage are negative.

They Refuse to Take Requests

If they refuse to take requests, don’t work with them. This is a sign they value their own image over creating the best event for you. You’re not paying them to advertise their musical history knowledge. You’re paying them to throw a party.

There are so many wedding DJ options available today it can be hard to make the right decision. Call Limelight Entertainment today to make the process simple and easy.

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