Three Things to Know Before Performing a Sewer Cleaning in Baltimore

Whenever you have an instant where you need Sewer Cleaning Baltimore for your home or business, there are some basic safety precautions that you, and any professional plumbing contractors that you have hired, should take before performing any maintenance. Often, home sewer lines will cross with underground electrical lines or natural gas pipes and can have dangerous consequences if these safety precautions are not observed.


1. The plumber should find the location of buried lines and pipes.


Almost every city and county in the United States now has a toll free hot-line that you can call to have a city inspector come and mark out the power and gas lines that may be running through your property. Natural gas lines tend to pose the biggest problem for plumbers performing a sewer cleaning because they are typically run around the same area that the sewer lines are run.


2. The plumber should check for trees that may be obstructing the sewer lines.


A plumber performing a Sewer Cleaning Baltimore can and should run an in-line video inspection device in order to see if the reason the sewer is in need of cleaning. Typically, the cause of a sewer back-up can be easily explained by examining the surrounding landscaping and knowing the history of any serious landscaping, utility work, or serious storms that have taken place on the property.


3. The plumber should use the least invasive equipment possible to clean the sewer.


This means that they should first attempt to clear any known blockage with a water jet or plumbing snake before trying to actually get into the sewer drain. A plumber should also not use a cutting tool when performing maintenance on a sewer drain. If the plumber has already used a cutting tool, they should check what color the plastic is that has been removed with the saw blade. Natural gas lines, that can cause serious property damage or even personal injury, are typically yellow or orange so that they will stand out against other plumbing installations.


When having a Sewer Cleaning Baltimore performed, the most important thing to remember is that it is better for it to take a little longer and your family and property be safe, than for a Plumber Baltimore to rush through the service and potentially cause more damage than already exists.

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