Three Things You Might See in the City From an Observation Deck

When you travel to the Windy City, there is so much to see and experience. Throughout the United States, observation decks are being set up so that tourists and residents can see cities from a different perspective. The observation deck in downtown Chicago, for example, offers magnificent views from the 94th floor. There are several sites you can see on any given day. Here are three sites you might see from the observation deck in the city of Chicago.

Wrigley Field

While baseball fans might appreciate the greatness that is Wrigley Field, even if baseball is not up your alley, the historic ballpark is a landmark that can still be appreciated. Lights were not added to the stadium until 1988. This means the venue could not accommodate night games until that year. When the lights were finally installed, the first night game was rained out. Home run rules exist for the stadium since the famous ivy backdrop in the outfield tends to eat up balls hit in its direction.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Founded in 1868, the Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos that still exists in the USA. It is 35 acres in size, received a rebuild in 1969 and resides in the heart of Chicago. Since it offers free admission, it stays open through private funding and public donations. The various retail shops, food establishments and merchandise also bring in some money that is used toward paying its bills.

Fourth Presbyterian Church

The Fourth Presbyterian Church was built in 1914. It is home to an average of 2,000 worshipers every Sunday. Its architecture is Gothic, and it was designed by Ralph Adams Cram, who used English and French styles.

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