Three Tips to Land a Beautiful Kitchen on a Minimal Budget

When is money not tight? It seems that every year, keeping the monthly budget on track is a little harder. Yet, the need and desire to fix the kitchen, remodel the cabinets, or commit to a full Kitchen Remodeling in Tucson AZ is higher. It is possible to land a better kitchen on a low budget. The below three tips start the conversation and get things going.

Focus on a Small “Nuisance” Area

Is there one thing in the kitchen that is particularly frustrating? Is the cabinetry a substantial eyesore, or is it that ugly and hardly-functional dishwasher? Take one thing, and only one, and place a focus on fixing it. It may be hard to pinpoint the kitchen issues down to one thing, but break it down into steps to get the most out of a total potential renovation in the future.

Work with Used or Wholesale Resources

Some kitchen renovators may be able to work with used or wholesale resources. When booking a provider, ask about wholesale costs and used kitchen hardware. If the team is focused on doing the work within a lower budget, they can potentially accommodate alternative sources for new cabinetry and more.

For example, some excess items are funneled into third-party warehouses. The goal is to sell them and put them to use for some price instead of just taking up valuable shelf space. In many cases, the larger the items are the more severe the discounts. This applies to carpentry, wood paneling, Styrofoam, cabinets, and even kitchen appliances.

Ignore Appliances for Now

Appliances are where a major amount of money comes into play. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and more are costly. For a kitchen remodel, consider placing the emphasis and bulk of the project on the cosmetic renovations, and leave the appliances for later. A family may never know when that neighbor is ready to unload that older dishwasher or when a new fridge pops up in a discount store.

The above is an encouraging start. It confirms that a kitchen remodeling in Tucson AZ is possible with that tight budget. Visit for more on landing a better kitchen.

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