Three Tips to Start Your First Blog

Even though many people are enamored with the thought of maintaining a social media presence, blogs still have a purpose in the digital world. If you would like to start one, it will give you a sense of creative fulfillment. It is also possible to earn money from blogging. You will, however, want to consider and implement these three tips as you get started:

1 Secure your domain name and social media handles.

a. When you decide on the name of your blog, make sure you go to a site and purchase the domain name. Depending on the site you use, you can secure the domain name for two years or more.
b. Before you purchase the domain name, head over to social media to make sure the handles exist.
c. Check Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms you plan on using.

2 Discover your ideal hashtags and keywords.

As you determine which topics you will be covering on your blog, makes sure you use the correct hashtags and keywords so people can find your content. Implement the keywords and hashtags that will give you the best search engine optimization results for blogs and social media posts.

3 Hire a professional web developer.

While the art of blogging can be fun, many people hate the coding and site-building that may be involved. By finding a Web Developer you can depend on in Oklahoma, the process of blogging will be simplified. A local Oklahoma web developer will take care of everything on the back-end of your website. If your site ever crashes, your web developer will be your hero.

As you develop these strategies, remember the importance of execution. Don’t get stuck on any step for too long or become intimidated by coding and HTML.

Even if you are running a blog on your own, it is an excellent idea to solicit support for the maintenance. By hiring a company like myheartcreative to give you the support you need.

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