Three Types of Tasty and Fun Cakes to Make With a Round Cake Pan

Whether you are new to baking or are looking for some fresh ideas on what to make next, round cake pans are an essential item to have in your cabinet of baking tools. These pans are basic pieces of equipment that every beginner, intermediate and advanced baker should have, as round is the typical shape that people think of when they think of a moist, fluffy cake. Here are three ideas for cakes that you could make with round cake pans.

Poke Cakes
Poke cakes are a fun way to add flavor to a cake. They are also simple to make, consisting of one layer. Once the cake is baked in a round pan, it can cool. You use a fork to poke holes into the spongy cake. A flavoring is poured into the holes. The cake soaks up the flavoring. Popular flavorings include mocha, Irish creme and strawberry.

Layer Cakes
Layer cakes are a traditional type of cake. You can use the same size of round cake pan for each of the layers or make a graduated cake with different sizes of layers or tiers. Most wedding cakes are made with round cake pans, and they often use different sizes for the tiers. In order to stack the layers or tiers, you will need to apply a layer of frosting. This creates some adhesion between the layers of the cake.

Unbaked Cake
You could also use a round pan for making an unbaked cake. An unbaked cake such as a cheesecake or mousse is often made in a springform pan, but a round pan will also work. An unbaked cake may have a baked crust, such as a graham cracker or cookie crust. The filling is poured onto the cooled crust, then the cake is chilled for hours in the pan.

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