Three Ways to Add Light to Your Living Room

It’s important for safety, design and comfort to have the right lighting in your home. This is why you should never neglect the component of light within your home decor. When a room is lit, it sets the mood, tone and ambiance. If you’d like to create a beautiful ambiance in your living room, consider these three ways to incorporate great light.

1. Lamps
Lamps are fun for many reasons. They’re easy to customize. If you don’t like a particular lampshade, you can easily get it upholstered or painted in a color or design that you actually like. If you want to purchase a table lamp for the side tables, you can use a particular bulb that accents a certain mood. You can also choose large floor lamps in Chicago that can illuminate the room when you’re in the middle of a game night with friends.

2. Recessed Lighting
Recessed lighting is a popular option because it’s discreet and looks great. Recessed lighting requires the help of electricians because of the intricate wiring and customized plans you’ll need. However, recessed lighting can be great when you’d like to control the brightness in the room at any given time.

3. Natural Light
Natural light is made possible by great window treatments. If your windows are completely covered, it’s time to change that. Use sheer curtains to allow the natural sunlight to flood the room. When the sun sets and you’d like more privacy, line the sheer curtains with thicker options. You can pull the thick curtains over the sheer ones to conceal and create a barrier from outside eyes.

As you explore these options, remember that they’ll work well together. When you’re looking for floor lamps in Chicago, know that Fox Lighting Galleries provide lots of options. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of range within your lighting in your beautifully lit living room.

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