Three Ways You Can Tell What Size Tires Are Right for Your Car

You’re probably in need of a new tire if you have a flat, or you notice some of the other indicators that your existing one is bad. Are you wondering what size is the right size for you? Here are three ways you can tell.

Look on the Old Tire

One thing you can do very quickly is to look at the old tire for the size. You will find a three-part number on the sidewall that tells you exactly what you need. The number will look like this: 225/55/17. The third number is the same as your rim size, which would be 17 inches. The two other numbers provide information about the width.

Peek at the Owner’s Manual

You may also be able to find information about your tire size in the owner’s manual. Check the index for tires and see if it gives you the information.

Look Inside Your Door Jamb

Your driver’s side door jamb should tell you the tires you need to buy for your vehicle. It’s the most accurate depiction of what belongs on your car.

Once you know the right size, you can ask a tire shop what it has in its inventory to help you. You can also have them check your brakes near Midway. A lot of tire shops do other work such as battery replacements, oil changes and brakes near Midway. It won’t hurt to ask because you might be able to get a lot of stuff done in your car at once.

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